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Paramount Growth Holdings Inc. invites and welcomes you to our website to explore what we are all about.

You will discover the incredible opportunity we have in bringing to market in the 21st Century a product of historic significance, now available to serve the growing needs of a new environmentally sensitive market place.

To receive a copy of Paramount's Offering Memorandum/Private Placement Memorandum serious enquiries should be directed to Paul Haynes at 250-361-5822

Understanding is the first
step to acceptance…



"Commercial seedling tests with Forestry companies now underway..."

"Approved proposal for Federal Government Forestry research grants for the eradication of the Northern Pine Beetle infestation."

"Recent testimonial from a satisfied customer..."

"Strategic relationships with
Gaia College and
The Pacific Horticultural College of the Pacific and Glendale Gardens

"Official U.S. incorporation of Paramount Growth's subsidiary company, June 01/07, in Washington State"

" Offering Memorandum now available for equity investors..."

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