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Our first approach is to the Forest and Wine industries. Evidence indicates benefits from rock formations of volcanic origin mostly in the United States. Standouts, so far, include the Napa Valley in California and Weyerhaeuser’s tree farm licenses on Mount St. Helens, in Washington State.

Wide sampling and growth studies have been conducted in cooperation with various businesses which have provided astonishing results. At present, the focus remains on Forestry and Wine. Commercial growers and hydroponics’ applications such as B.C. hothouses remain a vast resource. Other areas of product application abound with organic growers and horticulturalists. The growing consumer garden market and retail industry in general affords much promise for future development once the primary industrial market is successfully underway.

Initially, marketing efforts will be centered in Western North America. Proximity to the product source and to Company headquarters avails good accessibilty to our customer base.




Initially targeted industries are Forestry, Wine, Agriculture and Horticulture. Reception to date has been overwhelming.

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